Review of One Idea Can Make $1000000 by Michael Walshe


What is it

One Idea Can Make $1000000 is a four volume book set that takes you through the all the steps that are necessary towards making a fortune selling a tv product. If you want to know how to sell a product, especially on tv, this product is for you. One Idea Can Make $1000000 is developed by Michael Walshe, creator of the famous Ginsu knife set and other products that you see on tv.

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Who is it for

Michael Walshe is a sales and marketing veteran with over 45 years of experience in selling and demonstrating new products. He specializes in what is now known as Direct Response TV Marketing (DRTV) with his string of successful tv products. One Idea Can Make $1000000 is a comprehensive guide written by Michael Walshe to help you replicate his success by reviewing his strategies and techniques to help you get success with tv products. The books are written more for the beginners who wants step by step instruction to get started immediately from scratch.

In summary, there are 3 main groups of people who will greatly benefit from this product:

1. People who create a product
2. People who sell a product
3. People who wants to learn direct response marketing techniques

What is good about it

A big plus worth highlighting about One Idea Can Make $1000000 is the personal idea or product evaluation you get from Michael Walshe when you purchase his books. Right now, he is offering to review and evaluate your product, ideas, development, and marketing approaches. If your ideas or product are sound, he will offer further tips and guidance to take your product to the next step. Further to this are potential access to his personal and vast network of top “As Seen On TV” industry experts. Any serious entrepreneur would know this is a make or break type of opportunity. While there are no expiry date on this offer as of this review, it is hard to imagine how he can continue to sustain this offer indefinitely.

As for the books, One Idea Can Make $1000000 is written in a no-nonsense language and packed with Michael’s personal experience and information to help you get your product to market. You’ll be guided from the initial stage of generating and evaluating new product ideas all the way to taking it to the market, including financing and marketing strategies. The books also provides all the necessary contacts and resources you’ll need to start developing and marketing your products. The topics are divided into four volumes, but the last volume “A Successful TV Product” is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck as he shares his secret million dollar formula. If you want to know why the ginse knife set, rocket chef, miracle painter, armourcote cookware, and many other tv products are successful, this last part reveals the secret. Michael Walshe is an industry veteran with a string of successful tv products behind him, and the information in his books is made to help maximize your chance of success. In addition to this, Michael Walshe is also including a bonus volume “Create Your Own Job”, to get you jump started immediately if you haven’t already.

What can be improved

While the content is solid, the presentation could do with more polish. A bit more attention to little things like filenames, alignment, spacing, and fonts would be appreciated. The writing is informal, easy to understand, and interesting enough to sustain your interest but a few more pictures here and there would be nice. Overall, not a deal breaker and it is written for the beginners who just want to dive in and take action immediately.

How does it do it

One Idea Can Make $1000000 comes as a 4 volume book set, plus the extra bonus volume. In addition to the books are his offer of personal evaluation and potential access to his network of top “As Seen On TV” professionals. You also have the safety of a 60 days money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product, secured by a reputable online marketplace. The five volumes are:

1. One Idea Can Make $1000000
2. Creating Dynamic Brand Names
3. The Easy Way To Finance
4. A successful TV Product
5. Create Your Own Job


One Idea Can Make $1000000 contains great advice and information from a veteran in direct response tv marketing. Thankfully the book goes into great detail at the most important steps you’ll be taking to start selling tv products. You’ll learn the proven formula used by Michael Walshe to create and package successful tv products. And you wil also have gain tremendous insight about how to go about taking an idea and turning it into a million dollar tv product.


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How to Sell a Product With a Successful Advertising Plan

How to sell a product with an advertising planIf you are going to sell and market your products, you’re going to need to make an advertising plan. There are many factors you will need to consider when coming up with said plan, such as the type of message you want to deliver, your intended audience, how to target them, your advertising budget, and more depending on the nature of the advert.

One of the more powerful ways to get your message across is to think from the point of view of the customer. Identify their needs and how you can create a big impression to catch their attention. You should articulate what are the benefits the customer can expect to get from your product and why they should do business with your company. You need to spend effort to retain their attention and interest throughout the advertisement until the end. This is also known as message selection.

When you have created the outline of the message, pick catchy headlines that will attract the customer. It should be short and sweet, just enough to get them curious to read more. Some advertisers are under the impression that the more you write, the better the message is. The fear is that they might miss out certain information. This is not necessarily true, as it might reduce the effectiveness of your ad and the customer is left either confused or with information overload.

For catchy headlines, instead of just using something like “We offer cheap clothes”, depending on your customers you can try to speak in their language. Study your customers and see what makes them tick. The trick is to craft headlines that can make them feel that their needs are met. A great tip is to be aware of relevant changes that has an impact on your customers such as seasonal changes. Sticking to our clothing example, you could take note that if the season at the time is summer and the beaches nearby is a popular haunt then you can create headings like “Beat the heat with sexy swimwear, perfect for the beach!”. The body of your ad can then provide more information about your product and emphasize on the reasons they should buy.

Your ads are a powerful way to build a lasting relationship with your customers, either by branding the product or the company. Instead of just looking at only the returns you can get, you should consider how your ad can position your brand and provide more information on how the customers can interact with your product or company. Instead of purely selling a product, you’re building a long-term brand with your customers. Repeated exposure of your product through ads creates a relationship and credibility so your customers will start to trust you and won’t switch to other companies. Research have been done that shows that it takes ten percent less resources to retain existing customers than attracting new ones. If you build your brand recognition through your ads, then the traffic and sales will come.

Another great tip is to use a marketing gimmick such as time limit. Continuing with our clothing example, you could create a limited time offer based on the changing of the season. Summer clothes are only offered during summer and so on. This pushes the customer to hurry and not delay in order to take advantage of your offer. Sometimes this produces quick results, but if your ad and subsequent sales process does not build your brand and reputation you won’t be able to have a deep impact on the minds of the customer. They’re likely to forget about you after the offer is over.

As with any other business endeavor, the key is to research plan out your advertising plan before you execute them. By knowing your customer and how you can create a message that creates a response, whether it is a physical or emotional response is key to a successful advertising plan.

If you’d like to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a million-dollar tv product using a proven strategy in direct response tv marketing, then click here now to check out Michael Walshe’s One Idea Can Make $1,000,000 book.

How to sell yourself to sell a product

One of the best ways to find out how to sell a product is to first sell yourself. If you really think about it, our life is just a continuing series of “sales presentations”. You might think you’re not really involved in sales, but the truth is that you’re pitching and selling everyday. Be it a pitch to your investors, announcing a policy change to employees, convincing your spouse on an idea, or just trying to win others over to your point of view – you need to brush up your people skills for winning pitches. Continue reading

Regular Commercials and Direct Response TV Commercials

By Robert Melkonyan

Many people are unaware of what direct response TV is although they can easily spot it when they see a commercial. That’s because most people call direct response TV commercials “infomercials” and know they are the commercials that have a telephone number where the product can be immediately purchased. Continue reading

Advertising Through Direct Response TV

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The most popular products are not always the most useful ones but rather the ones that are well marketed. The problem with advertising for many companies is the cost. Traditional commercials on television are cost prohibitive in many circumstances. However, there is good news for marketers and that is direct response TV. This particular medium for advertising is more affordable and is sold in two forms, short and long. While direct response TV advertising is not cheap it is sometimes as little as half the price as typical television advertising. That makes it an affordable option for getting a product on television and marketing it to the masses. Continue reading

Direct-Response Television Marketing

By Freeha Baig

Direct Response Television or DRTV includes any Television marketing that requires customers to respond directly for the company. This may be done by visiting their website and calling at 800 number. Besides, it is a type of the direct response marketing. ‘Long form’ and ‘short form’ are the 2 types of direct response television. Any Direct Response Television commercial that is lesser than two minutes and is two minutes into length qualifies for the short form. On the other hand, a business longer than 2 minutes is a long type commercial. There are fulfillment of direct response services that may be tailored to get together each client’s individual commercial requirements and needs. Continue reading

How to market a new product to college students

When you’re trying to sell or market a new product, it is worth exploring all the advertising options available to you in order to reach your target audience. If it’s applicable, college papers or bulletins are excellent places to advertise and usually have tremendous circulation. The cost to advertise on these are inexpensive considering the number of prospects reached. You’d be surprised (or not) just how much money are spent by students each semester. Continue reading

Info-loading as a direct response ad technique for selling products

When it comes to writing great ads or salescopy, there are many different techniques at one’s disposal. In fact, there are many schools of thought on how to write a successful direct-response ad, letter, or brochure. Some say you need to be subtle, some say you need to be harsh, some say round-about, and some say direct. At this rate you could just about write any rubbish and it’ll still be a great ad, right? Continue reading

Quick tip for recruiting salesmen to sell your product

Did you know that a great resource for helping you to distribute and sell your product is by using “independent salesmen“? Usually a company will hire a full time team of salesmen to market and sell their products or services. You pay them a salary and commissions depending on their performance and they do a wonderful job. But independent salesmen do have their own advantages. Instead of going through the hassle of hiring an army of salesmen (along with the headache of managing them), why not turn your product into a profit-sharing opportunity that attracts great sales people? Continue reading

How you can sell products in the millions using mail order catalogs

If you’re looking for different avenues to sell your products, how about considering mail order catalogs? A one person mail order company generally mails about a thousand pieces, with many other operators rarely doing more than a hundred pieces per week. If you know your conversion statistics, you know that the order return on mailings is about 1% to 2% when using a rented list of names, up to 5% or more when mailing to your own customer list. Continue reading